I’m Still Waiting !!!

I took my motorcycle to Superstition Harley-Davidson for the 10,000 mile service Monday at 10am (with an appointment).

I was told this was about a 2 hour service and when did I want the bike back.  Since it was raining on Monday, I said Tuesday would be fine.

On Tuesday around 1pm, I called and they said the “bike was on the lift” and would be ready about 3pm.  They would call me when it was finished.

They closed at 6pm.  No phone call.

One Response to “I’m Still Waiting !!!”

  1. Today’s businesses don’t have the commitment to honesty and service anymore. Employees reflect the policies of the owners and management. Today, it’s not unusual to burden the employee with unreasonable expectations in the work place. Not give him/her the tools/support needed to perform the job properly, or perhaps the supervision to ensure lack luster work and performance are not the norm. So many reasons … as many reasons for crappy service as there are crappy people who don’t care about their standards. I hope Chester’s will give you the service you want. My experience is the same as yours. No phone calls, no information. I have to sit on top of em to get information. Once, I waited a week for my bike, only to learn the mechanic was waiting for a response from me. Service writer was to call me and inform me of some unexpected wear in parts that would be unsafe if not replaced. Service didn’t call me. My bike was put in the back and not worked on and I had to wait for a lift once more to open up so it could be worked on. Yes. So many reasons for lousy service.

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