A Picture of Pictures

A few family photos (motorcycle related of course).  On the far left my beautiful wife and our 2 dogs.  The center photo shows my children and myself last summer.  We were on a motorcycle ride that day around Cincinnati and across the Ohio River to Kentucky.  We stopped for lunch and our waitress offered to take this photo.  We’re standing in Kentucky with downtown Cincinnati in the background across the Ohio river (nothing better than a nice ride with family and/or friends).  The photo on the right my Wife and I are sitting on my 1st Harley, a 2003 Road King.  You gotta love a woman who let’s you buy 2 HOG’s!!!

Tomorrow I plan a ride to Cave Creek, AZ to see some custom motorcycles.  Some of Arizona’s premier motorcycle builders will be showing off their newest creations.  Be sure and check back for some photos.

2 Responses to “A Picture of Pictures”

  1. I would like to be you tomorrow. AZ. right now would rock me for sure!
    It’s nice the kids also ride…now that’s cool.

  2. That was a very enjoyable day. My Son and I on our motorcycles with the two girls riding shotgun.

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