Why I Wave To Other Bikers

Unless I’m distracted or riding in heavy traffic, I give the “Biker Wave”.

It doesn’t matter to me what brand of motorcycle your ride.  For me it’s a friendly gesture between 2 people who have something in common, the love of motorcycles.

My choice is with the left hand,  the palm and 2 fingers pointed down at about 45 degrees.  The meaning for me is “keep the rubber side down and the shinny side up”, a biker saying I guess.  A search on the web will show different waves and different meanings to different people.   I don’t always get a wave in return.  Some may be distracted and not see me, some may not feel safe taking their hand off the handle bars, some may not think I ride the right kind of motorcycle, some may just not care.

I gave a wave to a young moped rider a while back.  She took her hand off the handle bar and gave a quick wave back before putting her hand immediately back on the handle bar.  That brought back memories of when I started riding back in high school.  I always enjoyed getting a “wave” from another biker, especially those guys on the big bikes.  It was an acknowledgment to me that I was part of a unique group of people.  Motorcycle riders.  I’ve never forgotten that.

So if I give you a wave and I don’t get one in return, that’s ok, I’ll still stop if your on the side of the road and see if you need a hand.

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