Chester’s 12th Annual “Torch Ride” to Cyclefest – Photos

I was looking forward to this ride so much I didn’t get much sleep.  I got up early and got ready 2 hours before it was time to go.  I participated in Chester’s Harley-Davidson 12th annual Torch Ride today.  This was a police escorted ride to benefit Special Olympics Arizona.  The ride started from Chester’s H-D in Mesa, AZ and ended in Scottsdale at Westworld.  I’m not sure how many bikes participated in the ride.  There were easily over 1,000 and maybe closer to 2,000?  If you’re interested in seeing all the photos I took, you can find them HERE on my website.  I’ll leave them up for a few weeks.  Here’s a sample:

2 Responses to “Chester’s 12th Annual “Torch Ride” to Cyclefest – Photos”

  1. Where is this? What state? I guess I can Google Chester HD and find out…but I’d rather let you tell me about your home…I’m that kind of lazy! Appears like a good turnout…

    • This is Arizona, the Phoenix metro area. We had our first 100 degree day of the year last week. The turnout didn’t seem to be as big for the ride this year, but still a lot of riders.

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