H.O.G. Milage Program – Paperwork Faxed Today

Another “Motorcycle Milestone”.  That’s what I call if for myself.  I faxed the paperwork in today for my 25,000 mile patch and pin through the H.O.G. Milage program.

3 Responses to “H.O.G. Milage Program – Paperwork Faxed Today”

  1. Very cool…I have to admit I really don’t know much about the H.O.G. program 😉

  2. The H.O.G. Mileage Program awards patches and pins to H.O.G. members for riding their Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Just what I need, another excuse to collect patches and pins for the vest. It’s kind of like collecting motorcycle T-shirts. You can never have too many. I think it’s mainly a Harley thing. I never had this addiction when I owned Honda!

  3. Even as a passenger I can relate to that. I don’t collect patches or pins but definitely yes on the t-shirts. This year I started keeping track of mileage ridden as well.

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