Is it Ever too Early to Plan the Next Motorcycle Trip?

My next motorcycle trip isn’t for months away and I’m already pulling out my maps and trip books to start planning!  This an enjoyable part of the motorcycle trip where I can decide new routes and things to see and do along the way.

With so much time to pre plan, I’ll probably change my mind at least a dozen times before the day to depart arrives.

So much to think about!  Which route is the fastest?, The most scenic?, The route that keeps me off the interstate highways as much as possible? Can I take that extra side trip along the way? Can I get to that next campground or hotel before dark? Do I care if it’s dark? Should I head out early the next morning or stay a while and take in the scenery? Should I allow for an extra day because off all the stops I’ll undoubtably make for photos, sight seeing, etc?  I could go on and on…

Am I the only one that does this?

4 Responses to “Is it Ever too Early to Plan the Next Motorcycle Trip?”

  1. Interesting. We have an informal group of around 10 that rides pretty much every weekend during nice weather. Those are day trips and planning for the next usually starts the day following a ride! Overnight, weekend, or longer trips generally are planned further in advance. We’re going to Deal’s Gap Memorial Day weekend; plans for that started back in November! It’s all good 🙂

  2. It’s never too early to start planning the next motorcycle trip! When we take a trip to the beach, for instance, Thunderbeach, we start planning months ahead! I want to go to Sturgis but I never have.

  3. I’ve never made the trip to Sturgis either. Someday… Thunderbeach looks like another nice rally. Ride safe.

  4. I only wish I lived in the US so I could plan more long trips. England just isn’t big enough!

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