California Pacific Coast Highway – Here’s A Ride I’d Like To Do

Note: I found this map and information show below at while searching the internet for new motorcycle ride ideas.

The Pacific Coast Highway route in California state is actually made up of several different highways-routes, namely; US Route-Highway 101,California State Route 1, Interstate 5, the South Coast Highway, and the Pacific Highway.

At the north-end of the state, the Highway starts/ends on the 101 near the Pelican State Beach area, near the northwest corner of the Six Rivers National Forest… at the south-end of the state, the Highway starts/ends in the San Diego area, however, in the San Diego area parts of the Old Pacific Coast Highway are basically buried under the i-5 Highway, however, in the San Diego area, you can exit off the i-5 and follow the South Coast Highway and the Pacific Highway, depending on the area.

The Pacific Coast Highway in California has many, many tourism attractions to see and visit; from the rugged Redwood forests of Northern California, to the old historic towns between San Francisco and Monterey, and the world famous beaches of southern California… the Pacific Coast Highways of California has something for everyone, it’s truly a world class destination/trip.

9 Responses to “California Pacific Coast Highway – Here’s A Ride I’d Like To Do”

  1. Yup, that would be an awesome ride!

  2. Urban Rider Says:

    I have only ridden as far as San Francisco …I rode from Vancouver BC. I absolutely loved it. Spectacular.

  3. Me too… We haven’t done it yet… We were going to do it in July but because of time we opted to do the National Parks… Pikes Peak, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Glacier, Banff, Little Big Horn, Devils Tower & Mt. Rushmore. I love riding the Western part of the US the best.

  4. Coming down from Alaska , looking forward to doing it this July

    • A very nice ride. We started in San Diego and rode North. We weren’t able to go as far as we wanted. That thing called “work” got in the way. We almost made it to San Francisco though. The further North we rode, the more scenic it became. I’ll do this ride again someday, and continue all the way to Washington. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the ride.

  5. I have been from one end to the other but not all in one ride. I would love to start at the bottom and go all the way to almost BC, then jump on the ferry and go to Alaska. My bucket list wish.

  6. Awesome route. I am planning to do a similar route in 3rd week of September from Riverside, CA. But with the addition of the return trip to be going inland via the 5-Freeway through Sacramento and Bakersfield.

  7. Oh yes, this is on my bucket list too!

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