Los Padres National Forest Campground – Wheeler Gorge

We made camp here at the Los Padres National Forest Campground , at Wheeler Gorge.  A nice campground with lots of spaces.  I walked around the whole camp in about 45 minutes or so and found it to be just about empty.  I estimate over 100 campsites, with only about 10 being used.  Not much activity this time of year.  Maybe when school gets out and the families take their vacations.

On the last photo if you look closely, you’ll see a couple of raccoon paw prints on the saddlebag that we noticed in the morning.  There was some food inside that must have smelled appealing!

2 Responses to “Los Padres National Forest Campground – Wheeler Gorge”

  1. ahhh the coon….the incorrigible coon

  2. Raccoons are the exact reason why I demanded lockable saddlebags.

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