Whale Watching and the Day my New Camera (only 2 weeks old) was Drowned by Salt Water! Check out these PHOTOS!!!

This may be the last blog entry for a few days.

I was taking some photos of a few whales swimming by.  I foolishly thought that if I moved closer to the edge of the rocks I could get a better photo!  After all, the waves were only splashing a little bit over the rocks while I had been there.  So, I moved up to about 5 or 6 feet from the edge.  Put the camera to my eye and started taking photos.  The last thing I remember was a wave in my view finder and then feeling the wave go completely over my head!  And it was cold!  My Canon camera was only about 2 weeks old, and as you can see by the photo, not the waterproof version.  Water damage isn’t included in the warranty, and neither is the occasional Rogue Wave!  Time for a new camera (again). This trip has proven to be a little more expensive than I planned.  Oh well, at least I have some nice photos to show for it.

The last photo was taken by my brother just after the wave got me.  He was smart enough to be standing on higher ground.  He was laughing so hard I’m surprised he was able to take a picture.  Too bad he wasn’t taking a video at the time.  It may have been a hit on YouTube!

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