I’ve Ridden my Motorcycle or a Rental Motorcycle in 11 States

I’ve been fortunate to ride my motorcycle in 11 states over the years. 3 of them were on a rental, but I was on a motorcycle just the same!

If all goes as planned, I hope to ad 5 or 6 states to this map soon on a 3000+ mile trip.  If I do, I should have lots of photos to post here.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it comes together!

You can create your own Visited States Map HERE for Free or copy the link below into your browser:


4 Responses to “I’ve Ridden my Motorcycle or a Rental Motorcycle in 11 States”

  1. I like this site, just wish it had the capability to save maps to edit in the future. I added a maps page to my blog not long ago: http://backseatview.wordpress.com/a-z-2012/

    • I see you’ve been able to ride in quite a few more states than me. Congratulations on your accomplishments. It sure would be nice to be able to visit all the states someday. Maybe if I’m ever able to retire I’ll attempt it! Ride safe.

      • Where we live we are 30 minutes or so away from four other states, so starting the list was easy! The long trips both last year and this helped a lot as well. Time to start heading west though 🙂

  2. Sweet, keep on riding. I need to get myself a map like that.

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