Time to Air out the Camping Gear, Get a New Tire and Retire the Flag

With my latest ride complete, it’s time to air out the camping gear and make sure everything is dried out.  I don’t want any surprises when I start my next trip.  The “green grass” you see is a piece of artificial grass I put in front in front of my tent to help keep out the rocks, dirt, etc. when getting in the tent.  It may look strange out in the middle of the woods with my camp set up, but it works quite nicely.  It folds up nice and small.

Time for a new rear tire.  I’ve already gone to far on this one.  This latest motorcycle trip, over 3,400 miles, gave it a real workout.  I don’t recall how many mountain ranges I climbed up and over the last couple of weeks between, AZ-CA-OR-WA-ID-WY and back to AZ, but there were quite a few.

I’ve had this USA flag on the back of my bike for over 22,000 miles.  Time for it’s retirement.  When I purchased this flag a couple years ago, I bought an extra so I’d be ready for this day.  Now I need to find an organization that can properly retire this flag.  Perhaps the Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts, ROTC, or a Veterans organization.

3 Responses to “Time to Air out the Camping Gear, Get a New Tire and Retire the Flag”

  1. bikermonkey Says:

    I tell ya, you are more than over due on that back tire! Amazing how fast they wear down; I am about ready to change mine out as well and it just seems like I did it, LOL!

    Also, thank you for flying the colors. It’s also very cool to know another person that knows there is a correct way to retire our colors properly. You got an “Amen” out of me when I was reading.

  2. Thanks for the nice comments. I’ve purchased some new tires from Jake Wilson ( jakewilson.com/). They have very competitive prices and fast shipping. I don’t get any credit for endorsing them, I just like to share the information when I believe I’ve received a good deal. Ride safe.

  3. Hi, nice blog you have. I did 20k (UK miles) on my first set of tyres, 15k on my second with life on them before I sold my first Road King, now getting the 2013 anniversary model.
    Seeing the rusty inside of your exhaust, what I have is some chimney matt black color (heat resistant), to paint over the rust from time to time. Then looks like a used black exhaust 😉

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