New Motorcycle Tires – Dunlop American Elite

As you can see from the photo (original tire that came on the bike), it’s time for a new rear tire.  The front still has a little life in it, but I’ll replace it also so I’ll have a matching set. I did quite a bit of research on the internet and I’ve decided to go with the “Dunlop American Elite Motorcycle Tires”.  From the reviews I could find, this seems to be an excellent tire that will give me a lot of miles.  I don’t get any money, credit, etc. for my endorsement of this product or anything else I mention on this blog,  I just like to share product information with the products I use.  Maybe others can compare the things I use with items they may be considering.  I made my tire purchases from JakeWilson.  They’re a reputable  company and had best price I could find.  Here’s a link I found on YouTube that I found informative in making my decision. I’m a Harley-Davidson owner and I do buy items from my local H-D dealer.  But when it comes to Tires and Batteries, I go elsewhere.  They charge too much.  I realize their prices are always high, but they seem to be ridiculously high when it comes to these two items.  My latest battery purchase was from at a great price and fast shipping.

Here’s the tires I’ll have installed soon.

I can’t wait to try these new tires, I haven’t ridden in 2 weeks due to concerns about my rear tire. I never should have let it go so long. My only excuse was I was on a 10 day trip and didn’t want to spend a few hours at a dealer along the way to get it changed. It probably wasn’t the best decision I’ve ever made.

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  1. WOW…. the most I have ever run on the rear is 12k, the rear end just gets to loose on my softail.

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