20,000 Mile Service for the Ultra-Classic

I took my bike in today for its 20,000 miles service.  Instead of taking it to my local H-D dealer, I’ve decided to try a local shop that has been highly recommended to me by several of my co-workers.  It took about 3 hours which seemed reasonable to me with all the service work that needed be be checked this time.  They discovered several of the bolts around the oil cover/pan were slightly loose.  Apparently there were some design changes on this motor for 2011 and they’ve seen this problem before.  I’m not very happy about this.  Come on H-D!  I really like your new bikes, but not at the expense of having to deal with an oil leak with something this new!  I’ll wait and see how the next 5-10 thousand miles go before I call H-D and voice my concern.  I can only hope this is a one time occurrence for me.

On a positive note, the bike is finished and the weather here in AZ is still just right for riding.

The owner of the shop said the service technician told him after seeing the year and milage, that this is a motorcycle that actually gets ridden!  I considered this a complement!  I do like to ride…

6 Responses to “20,000 Mile Service for the Ultra-Classic”

  1. bikermonkey Says:

    Hopefully your local guys don’t charge as much as the Harley shop does for the 20,000! That one can make the back pocket really light for the ride home. I actually did my own 20,000, which was actually a lot of fun and a great sense of accomplishment.

    • The cost was about $70 less than the local H-D dealer. I’ve done some of the service work myself on past motorcycles, but while this one is still under warranty, I feel better letting a qualified technician do it. If for no better reason than piece of mind in case something goes wrong and I need warranty work done on the motor.

      • bikermonkey Says:

        Makes sound sense to me! 🙂 I took a small engine repair class back in the spring time at the local community college just so I felt comfortable working on stuff. Great experience. The HD service manual for my scoot has been invaluable. Funny enough, after paying for the class, textbook, some new tools, HD service manual and fluids, I still came out about $100 cheaper, LOL.

  2. Nice to see that you are at 20,000 miles! $70 less than in H-D is not bad. Now you have 70$ in your pocket for gas and new road trip for 25,000 miles 🙂

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