A Few New Items For My Motorcycle Camping Trips

It seems like every time I plan another motorcycle camping trip, I find a few new items to take along. Some items need to be replaced as they wear out, and there’s always a few new things I’d like to try.

My next trip is in the planning stages, and I’ve already made a few purchases (Why should my next trip be any different that the last?).

I pull a small cargo trailer behind the motorcycle, so I have the luxury of taking quite a few extra things I wouldn’t normally have room for.

Here’s a few items I’ve purchased for my next adventure:

new camping items

– Big Agnes Insulated Air Core to put under the sleeping bag (I’m not getting any younger!).
– MSR Alpine 1.6L Stowaway Pot (replacing an old camp set).
– GSI Outdoors Plate, Bowl, Cup and Cutlery (replacing an old set).
– GSI Outdoors Stainless 6 Cup Percolator (replacing an old one).
– GSI Outdoors Java Press (I’ve never tried one of these. The reviews are positive and it seems easy to use).
– Thermarest Camp Pillow (Rolls up nice and small. My old one was several years old).
– Fixedblade Knife with Sheath and Fire Starter (Never have enough knives).
– LED Flashlight (Small and very bright).
– NALGENE 1 quart Water Bottle x 2 (trying not to use so many plastic throw-aways).
– Safety Whistle (just in case).
– Bear Spray (for tent camping in Yellowstone National Park).
– Pepper Spray (Small and can be attached to a belt or backpack).
– DryLite Towel (Compact and holds a lot of water).
– Waterproof Matches Holder (In case the lighter doesn’t work).
– Small Salt and Pepper Shaker (Very small design).
– Podsacs Stuff Sack (for dirty cloths).
– Hanes Men’s Thermal Pants (I could only find these in Red).
– Coghlan’s Camp shower (I’ve never tried this but the reviews are very positive).

Nothing extravagant, just some items to make the camping a little more enjoyable/comfortable/easier/safer… you get the idea.

These items were purchased at some of my favorite places for camping gear. Bass Pro Shops, Sportsman’s Warehouse, REI and Amazon.

2 Responses to “A Few New Items For My Motorcycle Camping Trips”

  1. Your all set for a superb trek

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