Motorcycle Trip – Planning and Documenting

I find planing my next motorcycle trip very enjoyable.  How about you?  Do you plan ahead or just get on your bike and ride?

I begin weeks if not months in advance searching and planing on a route, searching for sights to see, looking for nice campgrounds and maybe a hotel or two along the way, searching Google for “best burgers, best breakfasts, etc. in the towns I plan on riding through.

I’m still planing my next trip and having fun doing it!


For the past few years I’ve also taken along a small digital recorder to document my ride along the way.  IE: Routes I’ve taken, places I’ve stopped at, places I’d like to stop at next time, odometer readings, sights along the way, etc…  Then when I get finished with the ride I write it all down it in the book you see above.  I’ve found that going back and reading some of the entries I’ve made over the years puts me right back into the adventure!  Things I’ve forgotten come back to me just like the day I first saw them.  I wish I would have started this a long time ago.

7 Responses to “Motorcycle Trip – Planning and Documenting”

  1. Same here… Planning is almost as fun as doing and when the plan comes together it makes for enjoyable riding. The last trip I took (National Park Ride 5500 miles 16 days) was the best ever in part because of planning. You know what, when and where you will be. No surprises… I don’t like surprises (bad ones). I have a post on Planning too.

    Is there anything you do differently? We should compare notes. As I’ve said, you can’t plan too much but you can plan too little…

    Ride safe y’all…

    • After reading your blog in the entry above, I’d say you’ve got the trip planing down to a science. My biggest issue in my planning is I try and do too much. I usually plan on about 500 miles or so each day. But will all the stops I make along the way for photos and sight seeing, it seems like it’s almost always dark by the time I get to the campground or hotel. Each trip I take I keep telling myself I’ll stop before sunset, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

      • I learned sometime ago to shorten the mileage especially when riding with the wives… They don’t like being rushed. When we did shorten the mileage we found it more enjoyable. Sometimes though you just have to cover some ground to get to something so we cover more miles.

        The other reason to limit miles is we are not getting younger. You can enjoy things better when you aren’t exhausted all the time…

        I think we have learned our limits and we try to stay within them. That would be my advice to anyone. Learn your limits…

        Ride safe…

  2. I do both…. I plan out the major events, locations, routes but if there is something that looks cool off track we go!!!

    I would like to figure out to do the route tracking so I can send it to google or bing maps and see where we actually rode.

  3. I haven’t tried the route tracking, but that does sound interesting. And I know what you mean on getting off track. I find myself doing the same thing, deviating from my planned route to see something else. That’s why it always takes me longer to get where I’m going than I thought it would.

  4. We’re kind of the opposite. If it’s something like a long weekend trip Dan does the route and hotel day by day, usually in the morning after breakfast. For longer trips like last year’s 12 day epic adventure we did book hotels in advance in the big cities like New Orleans and Panama City Beach. I think we plan more for the kids and dogs at home than we do for the actual trips!

  5. Plan thoroughly absolutely, but throughout any trip remain flexible, follow your instinct, change route if the mood takes you…its being spontaneous that often makes a journey into an adventure!

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