Run Out Of Gas? Not Me!


photo2Another addition for the motorcycle.  A REDA Gas Can (holds about 1 gallon).

On more than one occasion on my longer motorcycle rides, I’ve come close to running out of gas.  Due to trying to stretch it out to the next town, or by just not paying attention as much as I should have.  I’ve never ran out, but it was too close for comfort.  I discovered these REDA Gas Cans a while back and decided to purchase one.  It does take up valuable space in the saddle bag, but it may just be the best purchase I’ve ever made for the motorcycle if I ever do run out of gas.  For peace of mind if nothing else.

5 Responses to “Run Out Of Gas? Not Me!”

  1. where did ya find that?

  2. Not sure if it is option in AZ … but “real” gas will last a lot longer than E10. If not add a stabilizer to make it last longer.

  3. A good idea! Trained to ride an old shovelhead, I learned to carry an extra quart of oil Never thought of carrying gas.
    I needed it one day on my 05 Road King.
    Riding from MN to ND, I missed “last gas” in MN and sure enough, ran out of gas a few yards from the ND state line. I moved over to the shoulder, coasted up the approach to the bridge over the Red River which separates the two states.
    Then, I coasted down the other side and enough gas trickled in to the tank that it started. It ran enough to get me to the first ND exit, but that’s all. I coasted down the exit ramp and as I got to the bottom of the ramp, the light turned “green!” So, I coasted across the intersection in to a convenience store gas station and right up to a 91 octane pump.
    Now I know exactly how much gas my Road King tank holds!

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