2010 H-D Ultra Classic & 2014 Tri-Glide

old and new h-dHere’s a photo taken at the Harley Davidson dealer showing my 2010 Ultra Classic (left) that I traded in for a new 2014 Tri-Glide (right).  I’ll be putting on some accessories that I was able to remove from the Ultra (highway pegs, derby cover, gas cap cover etc…).  Also a few new items like a chrome bumper, windshield pouch, fender protectors, alarm, accessory outlet, body scuff protector and more.  My first ride out of town will be over to the San Diego area soon. When I get back I’ll be ready for the first required service at 1,000 miles.

my new 2014 tri-glide

Here I am ready to take my first ride on the new bike.

More to come as I start my new adventures on 3 wheels!


2 Responses to “2010 H-D Ultra Classic & 2014 Tri-Glide”

  1. Interesting, good luck with the Tri-Glide. I am however not sure you should use your old windshield pouch, as it will cover the new air outlet on the Rushmore fairing design.

    • Yes I noticed that when I saw the new design. I did purchase the new style already. The center pouch is slanted at the bottom to allow the air to flow through. That was another $100 they got out of me!

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