My First Impressions of the Tri-Glide after 1100 miles

Now that I’ve got over 1,100 miles on the new Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide, here’s my first impressions & observations.  Keep in mind, I’m no expert, just a motorcycle rider and these are my opinions.

my new 2014 tri-glide



  • 103 cubic inch engine.
  • I don’t have to put my feet down to balance the bike when coming to a stop.  This came in handy on my ride to CA last month.  I found myself in stop-and-go traffic on the interstate for over an hour due to an accident.
  • New design on the windscreen allows you to adjust the air to flow to create less drag and less wind swirling around my face.
  • New touch screen radio and GPS.
  • Instrument panel shows what gear I’m in 1st through 6th.
  • USB port for iPod etc.
  • Bluetooth so I can listen to my iPod without having to plug it to the USB port.
  • Bluetooth to connect a cell phone (I don’t plan on using this).
  • New hand controls for radio, GPS, lights, cruise control, etc.  Everything can be done without taking your hands off the grips.
  • More roomy and comfortable for the passenger.
  • No fear of dropping the bike when coming to a stop.  I tend to make a lot of stops along the side of the road for photos.  Quite often this is on the shoulder where the surface is uneven with either gravel or dirt.  This was always a concern that my foot may slip and drop the bike.


  • You can’t just lean on the bike and have it go where you want anymore.  You have to put effort into turning the handlebars now.  It will definitely add some mussel tone to the forearms.
  • Difficult to shift gears while in a turn.  You have to keep a firm grip on the handlebar (pushing and pulling) as your turning.  Not at all the same as a two wheeler.
  • Radio not as clear at highway speeds.  I think this is because there is now two wheels in the rear that pick up a lot more road noise.  The seat is also lower to the ground on the Tri-Glide compared to the Ultra Classic.  This may be another reason it seems noisier.
  • Rougher ride due to more rubber on the ground.
  • The seat doesn’t seem to be as comfortable for me as the rider.  I may add an optional back rest for more support to see it that helps.
  • No more CD player (even though it would only take 1 at a time it was better than nothing).
  • Gas milage not as good.  So far about 27 mpg.  The Ultra Classic was about 38-40 mpg.  As the engine breaks in, I’m hopeful this will get a little better.

After a 500 mile ride, I can definitely tell the difference from my Ultra Classic.  I seemed more tired.  I’m sure it’s due to having to put a lot more effort into making the turns.  Plus the fact I’m getting use to a new type of motorcycle.

These are just my impressions after a little over 1,100 miles.  I’m sure I’ll have more as I add on the miles.

One Response to “My First Impressions of the Tri-Glide after 1100 miles”

  1. You’re expert enough to know what you like and don’t like. That’s all that matters.

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