A Nice Coffee House Located in Gilbert Arizona


I took a motorcycle ride this morning and stopped here, Bergies Coffee Roast House.  I’ve driven past this location several times and finally stopped in.


I’m glad I did.  Located along Gilbert Rd with parking out back.


In front of the coffee house is this nice patio area with lots of plants and plenty of shaded seating.  They even have misters around the area which is very nice here in Arizona.  I sat outside next to one of the misters and didn’t want to leave.


And a bonus to us motorcycle riders.  Motorcycle parking!  It’s always nice to see these areas when I’m out on the motorcycle.


Here’s a photo of their business card for those that are interested and happen to be in the Gilbert, AZ area.

4 Responses to “A Nice Coffee House Located in Gilbert Arizona”

  1. Brandy Lawrie Says:

    Looks like you found a great place to sip a little joe and admire the bike too.

  2. Looks nice 🙂

  3. I drive by this coffee shop all the time. I will have to stop in next time.

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