Adjustable Rider Backrest Installed on the Tri-Glide

I purchased this “FL Adjustable Rider Backrest Mounting Kit” with the full intention of installing it myself and saving some money!  After reading the instructions I decided to leave it to the experts!  My last motorcycle only required a couple screws under the seat to attach the bracket.  No so for this adjustable model.

This one required the removal of several bolts, screws, washers, clips, routing the backrest cable between the battery and fuse/electrical box, over the rear fender, Loctite the fasteners to keep secure!, something about an actuator assembly and deflector upper mounting hole!, brackets, a cross-member plate (whatever that is), more washers, screws and bolts, adhesive-backed clips (make sure to use the isopropyl alcohol), re-route the spark plug evaporator tube, secure the cable to the shaft spring (what?) , and the instructions went on-and-on.  You get the idea.  5 pages of instructions to be exact.

So instead of me spending an entire day trying to figure this out, I went to my local motorcycle dealer who installed in in 1 hour.  They charged me for 1 hour of labor and it was done.  That was so much easier.

Here’s a few before and after photos.







This should make the long rides a little more comfortable.  More support for my back.  It’s fully adjustable up/down and forward/backward to get just the right feel for your back, depending on the rider.  It will also be nice if I need to carry something on the rear seat.  I can use the backrest as another tie-down spot.


5 Responses to “Adjustable Rider Backrest Installed on the Tri-Glide”

  1. What degree did the mechanic have?

    Got to love it when the instructions are…. simple 😉

    Lols good I must say.

  2. Lols = looks – fingers like cuban cigars… sheesh

  3. LOL…. I did the same dang thing with the same dang back rest (different cover, I went with the SG style).

  4. Ok, so we have the backrest installed, now having a hard time getting it out of the bike and back in the bike. Any suggestions?

    • I don’t have my Tri-Glide anymore with the removable backrest. As I remember, I had to put my fingers through the seat below the backrest and squeeze the two bars together. Then it would release from the bracket.

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