Sturgis 74th Annual Motorcycle Rally – Aug 2014

Just a few photos from my ride to the 74th Annual Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, SD.  August 2014.

DSCF0902 DSCF0904 DSCF0905 DSCF0906 DSCF0908 DSCF0910 DSCF0911 DSCF0912 DSCF0913 DSCF0914 DSCF0916 DSCF0918 DSCF0919 DSCF0924 DSCF0926 DSCF0987 IMG_4404

4 Responses to “Sturgis 74th Annual Motorcycle Rally – Aug 2014”

  1. Looks like you had a great time, where did you stay while you were there. we have not been yet but looking forward to it!

  2. I stayed at Whispering Pines Campground. It’s centrally located between Sturgis and Custer State Park/Mount Rushmore. A nice quiet campground at reasonable rates. Here’s their website: Next year is the 75th anniversary for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and they expect about double the amount of people from this year. If you plan on going, I suggest you make your reservations early. I think this particular campground begins taking reservations in February.

  3. Nice pics! I think you are brave to go to Sturgis during the event. We have been, but after the event was over. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I will be sure to come back and read more soon!

  4. Look at all those bikes! Fabulous shots

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