New Motorcycle on Order! Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited

I’ve traded in the Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide.  After 1 year of riding it I thought it would grow on me and I would get use to it.  I found myself getting in my truck much more than on the trike.  It was just sitting in the garage not getting much attention.  I’ve ridden on 2 wheels for so long the trike just didn’t seem like a motorcycle to me.  It was more like driving a car without power steering!  It just wasn’t fun anymore.

For someone who’s afraid they can’t balance on 2 wheels and may drop the bike, or someone with a medical reason, the trike may be a good choice.   I’m guess I’m not at that point yet.  I just couldn’t  do it anymore.  The trike cost too much money to just let sit in the garage and collect dust!

So… I’ve ordered a new Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited.  I hope to have it in the next few weeks.  I’ve already started buying a few accessories for it.  As soon as it arrives I’ll post some photos, and start riding again!  I can hardly wait.

Here’s a “stock” photo from Harley-Davidson’s web site.  The photo on the left is the Ultra Limited, and the one on the right is the new Ultra Limited Low (has a lower profile and sits lower to the ground).


The one I’ve ordered will be “Black”.

7 Responses to “New Motorcycle on Order! Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited”

  1. One hell of a machine. would love one myself. I hope it give you many years of enjoyable riding.

  2. I’ve ordered one too! In blue for me.

    • Nice choice. I hope you enjoy it. I really enjoy the Ultra’s. I had an Ultra Classic for 7 years. I went with the Limited this time since I would have put the extra accessories on it anyway. I might as well get the bike already with them.

      • Thanks and that’s the same reason I went for the Limited! My other bike is a Softail, which is staying, too many memories wrapped up in that old girl… 🙂

  3. Welcome back to the two wheel community. Nothing wrong with trikes, they are just different. Nice looking Harley. Good luck with it.

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