Looking Through the H-D Catalog Can Get Expensive!

I’m still waiting on my new motorcycle I ordered a few weeks ago.  Without having a bike to ride lately, I find myself looking through the Harley-Davidson catalog.  I’ve even gone down to he shop and walked around just looking!

Well “just looking” and flipping through the accessories catalog has cost me a few hundred dollars!

Here’s a few accessories I’ve purchased while waiting for the new motorcycle to arrive:


Gauge Trim Kit, Windshield Trim, Passenger Footboard Covers, Front and Rear Speaker Trim, Tie Down Brackets, Shorty Antennas and a Tour-Pak Organizer.  I’ve also got a few accessories from my old bikes like Highway Pegs and Saddlebag Guard Bag with Water Bottle Holder I’ll be adding.

2 Responses to “Looking Through the H-D Catalog Can Get Expensive!”

  1. Oooo yes! Been there, got that T shirt, will go there again! 🙂

  2. Mate. it’s obvious they are simply must have items. Good to see you have met your obligations. Well done 🙂

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