My new Harley-Davidson FLHTK Has Arrived!


My new 2015 FLHTK finally arrived. Here’s a few photos. I’ve already put on a few accessories that fit from my other bikes. My absolute favorite addition so far I had the dealer put on. Vance and Hines “black” Power Duals with monster ovals along with the Screaming Eagle high flow air filter. I really like the sound compared to the stock exhaust. The dealer doesn’t want to put it on the dyno until it’s broken in with at least 1,000 miles. After the dyno I hope to see a noticeable difference in the performance.

9 Responses to “My new Harley-Davidson FLHTK Has Arrived!”

  1. She’s a hot beauty! Love those V&H exhaust! Excellent choice.

    • I was happily surprised when I saw them installed on the bike. They look better to me than I had hoped for. 99% of the bikes around here have chrome pipes, I wanted mine to be a little different.

  2. Looking great… but for V&H you do not have the TRUE duals, but the POWER duals (header), actually the best configuration, in torque and style, have them myself for the 2nd time.

    • Thanks for pointing out my mistake. I’m not sure why I put “true duals”. I’ve corrected the description. I can hardly wait to see how they perform after they put it on the dyno.

  3. Looking good and what a small world we live in, I took delivery of mine last Saturday as well….also fitted with V&H pipes! Roll on warmer days!

    • Very nice. You made a great choice. If you’re a member of “Facebook”, you may be interested in the “FLHTK Owners Group”. Lots of members with photos, ideas, etc… Just type in FLHTK Owners Group and it should show up for you. Just a thought. Thanks for looking at my motorcycle blog.

  4. Wow, that looks great! Looking forward to adventures to come on the new bike.

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