Nice Day for a ride in Arizona


A beautiful day here in Arizona.  I decided to take a short ride near home.  Here’s a few photos from todays ride.  The mountain to the left is Red Mountain, located just North of Mesa, AZ on the Pima-Maricopa Indian Reservation.  When conditions are right, you can get some great photos of this mountain.


A lonely Saguaro cactus against the cloudy blue sky.


Not much traffic out this Tuesday afternoon.  Just how I like it!


I believe the mountains in the background here are the Gold Field Mountains.


Another desert photo.


And another photo with a little bit of color in it.


And this post wouldn’t be complete without a photo of my motorcycle.  After all, this is a Motorcycle Blog!  This is my favorite setup for the motorcycle with the Tour-Pak removed.  It has the Mustang Solo Seat and a Solo Luggage Rack.

5 Responses to “Nice Day for a ride in Arizona”

  1. The desert is gorgeous. Many folks think it’s a wasteland, but there is so much beauty in it. Hope to be getting out there next year.

  2. Nice to see sunshine and blue skies, you lucky devil!

  3. I can’t wait coming out there in August. Apache Trail, Jerome, Sedona, Grand Canyon and on north east..

    • My favorite ride in this area is along highway 89 between Prescott and Flagstaff. It will take you through Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. A very scenic ride especially if you like to stop and take photos.

  4. Beautiful country😊

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