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Canyon Lake – Tonto National Forest, AZ

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Canyon Lake – Location: Less than an hour East of Phoenix, AZ in the Tonto National Forest.

Here’s a few photos I took on my ride over to Canyon Lake.  A nice day in Arizona for a motorcycle ride.  To get to this lake, you have to ride over 2, one-land bridges.  They have quite a few camping spaces available for campers.  There’s also a lot of boats at the marina.  I’m not sure why, but I didn’t take any photos of the camping sites or the marina where they had quite a few boats.  There was a restaurant and a Steam Boat were you can take a ride around the lake.












Theodore Roosevelt Lake – Arizona

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I took a day off from work and decided to take a ride.  I rode over to Roosevelt Lake in Arizona.  I’ve never been to this lake before.  Here’s a few photos of the Lake, Dam and Bridge.






It sure was a nice day for a ride.  190 miles round trip and temperatures in the high 80’s.

The Historic Navajo Bridge – Across the Colorado River

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Another stop on my motorcycle trip, The historic Navajo Bridge.  It’s located on Highway 89A near Lee’s Ferry, between Bitter Springs and Jacob lake, AZ.  It was built in 1929 and was replaced by a new bridge in 1993 for safety reasons.  There’s a parking area next to the old bridge where Navajo people were selling jewelry and other items.  I walked out on the bridge and was able to see a few people on rafts drifting down the Colorado River.

Twin Falls – What a Nice View

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tf2Fotor01031101819A quick stop here in Twin Falls, ID where I crossed this bridge that spans the Snake River.  What a beautiful view.

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