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Burro Creek Bridge along U.S. Route 93 in AZ

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The bridge in the background is the Burro Creek Bridge along US93 in AZ. The smaller bridge where most of the photos were taken in next to the Burro Creek Campground.

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Next stop, Nothing Arizona, population Zero!

To be continued…

A Bloggers Centerline Day (ABCD)

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This photo was taken today for “A Bloggers Centerline Day ABCD)” on my Ride from Laughlin, NV (Bike Week) on the way back to Phoenix, AZ. This is the turnoff along US93 in Arizona to the Burro Creek Campground South of Wikieup and North of Wickenburg.

Bushtec Photo Contest – I Was So Close…

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I entered my motorcycle and trailer in a contest that was sponsored by Bushtec, the trailer manufacturer.  They gave out 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes.  I didn’t win a prize, but I did receive 1 “Honorable Mention” and 1 “Thanks for Playing” as one of the finalists. Click HERE if you want to see the winners and those who almost won!

My two photos were taken on a ride out to California earlier this year. They have palm trees in the background. The 1st photo was taken Fletcher Cove with Solana Beach in the background. The 2nd was taken in San Diego at Mission Bay.

Burro Creek Campground – Arizona

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On a bridge looking at another bridge.
Taking a break on our way back from Bike Week 2010 in Laughlin, NV.  Our motorcycles are at the Burro Creek Campground with the Burro Creek Bridge in the background.  This bridge was completed in 2005.  It crosses the Burro Creek approximately 15 miles south of Wikieup on US93.
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