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Misc Photos Somewhere Between Washington and Arizona

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Heres a random sampling of photos taken on my way back home from WA to AZ.  A trout fish hatchery, a motel in a small town, lake photos, motorcycle parking at a cabin in WA, fire pit, fishing dock, bike wash, a small geyser in Yellowstone, Betty Boop in the middle of nowhere!, an antique/junk store, a rain storm ahead I decided to wait on and Harley-Davidson dealer poker chips I picked up along the way.DSC03080


San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

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San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.  It was an adventure riding over it on my motorcycle.  It was so windy I couldn’t hold a straight line.  I must say it was a little nerve racking to say the least!


A view from the North side of the bridge on the East side looking South


Another view with a jetty and a few boats below the bridge


Another view with a few of the jetty and a few boats


U.S. Coast Guard boats


A closer view of some U.S. Coast Guard boats


This was taken on the North side of the bridge on the West side looking down.  By the time I got up here, I was only able to get a glimpse of the bridge for a few seconds due to the clouds/fog.  It was very windy day.


It was a pretty nice day here in San Francisco.  Too bad the bridge got fogged in when I went up the hill to try and get a photo looking down.

Red Mountain, The Salt River and a House with a Nice Thanksgiving Theme

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Todays motorcycle ride took me to a few different places.

My intent was to just go out and find some “colorful” locations for a few photos.

IMG_5717A small park with nice green grass.

IMG_5723A house I passed on my way out of town.  Very nice!

IMG_5734Red Mountain along the Salt River east of Phoenix, Arizona.

IMG_5736A view of The “Salt River” from the “Granite Reef Recreation Site”.

IMG_5761The “Salt River” in the “Tonto Recreation Area, Lower Salt River”.

I was experimenting with the custom color settings in my camera.  I set my camera to “Landscape” mode, and increased the “sharpness”, “saturation” and the “color tone” up by one notch.

Snake River in Idaho – Very Scenic

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SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s some more photos of the Snake River in Idaho.  I can’t believe how beautiful it is here in this part of the country.  Simply amazing!

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