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Misc Photos Somewhere Between Washington and Arizona

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Heres a random sampling of photos taken on my way back home from WA to AZ.  A trout fish hatchery, a motel in a small town, lake photos, motorcycle parking at a cabin in WA, fire pit, fishing dock, bike wash, a small geyser in Yellowstone, Betty Boop in the middle of nowhere!, an antique/junk store, a rain storm ahead I decided to wait on and Harley-Davidson dealer poker chips I picked up along the way.DSC03080


Buddy Stubbs Motorcycle Museum in Arizona

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I took a ride over to Buddy Stubbs Motorcycle Museum today.  I’ve been wanting to go here for quite a while and finally found the time to do it.  This display has 35 different Motorcycle Manufacturers on display.  I don’t know how many motorcycles there were, but a at least a few hundred.















Buddy Stubbs Arizona Motorcycle Museum is worth stopping by if your in the area.  It’s located inside the dealership just to the left as you enter the building.  A very nice selection to look at.  I heard one of the employees say the oldest motorcycle on display is from 1918.

Located at: 13850 N. Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix, AZ  85022

Pre Planning for another Motorcycle Trip – A Lot of Snacks!

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It will be a few months before my next (9 day) motorcycle trip, but that’s not stopping me from getting prepaired!  After all, part of the enjoyment (at least for me) is the preparation, planning, figuring out the route I want to take, etc…

I’ve decided NOT to put a hitch on my new Tri-Glide and pull the Bushtec cargo trailer like I did with the Ultra Classic.  After talking to the person at my local Harley-Davidson dealer that deals with warranty issues, I’ve decided to wait on installing a hitch.  He told me when a Harley-Davidson comes in for service and they notice a hitch has been installed, they have the ability to tag the motorcycles VIN number in Harley-Davidsons computer system effectively voiding the warranty.  This “tag” would be in the H-D system for all dealers to see.  If if you’ve purchased an extended warranty, it will be voided as well.  For those who’ve purchased the extended warranty, you know it wasn’t cheap.  He said some dealers may do it, and others may not.  I got the impression this dealership would do it if it was noticed. He wouldn’t say one way or another.  I don’t want to risk looking my warranty right now, so I’ll just keep the trailer in storage for now.

Anyway, I said all that to say I need to reduce the amount of things I’ll take on my next trip and reduce the size of some of the items I want to take.


I’ve made a few purchases in the last few weeks for my next motorcycle trip.  I think I purchased most of these items at REI.  They have a good selection of quality items and an excellent return policy if you’re not satisfied.  I’m not affiliated with REI, I just like the store.  Some items are a little expensive, but if your a member you get a 10% rebate each year which helps.


A Kelty Trailogic 2 Person, 3 Season Tent.  This tent complete with the poles weighs 4 lbs 13 oz and packs down to 14″ x 11″ x 3″ in the included bag.



Marmot Maverics 40F/4C sleeping bag that weighs 2 lbs 3 oz.  It opens up to 6 ft in length and packs down in the included bag to about the size of a 1 litter soda bottle.



Big Agnes Insulated Air Core (sleeping pad).  In the bag it measures 8″ x 4 1/2″ and folds open to 20″ x 72″ x 2.5″.  Weight is 1 lb 10 oz.


Cocoon UltraLight Air-Core Hood/Camp Pillow with premium synthetic fill.  Ultra small, 4″ x 2 1/2″ in the included bag and weighs 3.5 oz.


REI Flexlite Chair.  Size folded up in the bag is 14″ x 3″ and weighs 1 lb 11 oz.


SeaToSummit Drylite MicroTowel.  Size folded in the bag is 5″ x 5″ and opens to 36″ x 19″.  Weight is 4 oz.


An of course a motorcycle trip wouldn’t be complete without taking along a few snacks!  Some Electrolyte drink tabs to put in my water bottle to stay hydrated, and various snack bars, etc…  for my trips.  These all have expiration dates good for several months and will be good for my next trip.  I’m not sure if they’ll all make it that long, I may need to sample a few of them!

My old tent, sleeping bag, sleeping bad, pillow and chair are still perfectely fine, the new ones are just smaller in size and easier to carry on the motorcycle since I won’t be pulling the trailer.


Another Harley-Davidson Dealer & My Favorite Eateries

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DSCF0124A motorcycle ride out of state wouldn’t be complete without a stop at a motorcycle dealer!  This one in in San Marcos, CA.  Biggs Harley-Davidson.

DSCF0134When I ride out to Escondido, California, I’ve found a couple places that have become my favorite places to eat.  These 2 restaurants are located downtown along Historic Route 395.  I found both of these places from local residents.


Champions Family Restaurant.  Open daily for breakfast and lunch. Their known for the giant size cinnamon rolls.  They don’t accept credit cards or checks, just good old fashioned cash!  They even have an antique push button register at the counter.  A favorite place for locals.



Flippi’s Pizza in Escondido for some Italian food.  My favorite is the meatball sub.  This place doesn’t look like much from the outside, but when you go inside it will surprise you.  Another favorite place for locals.


New Tri-Glide Delivered to the Dealer

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My new Tri-Glide was delivered to the dealer today.  I was taken to the back of the warehouse to see it.  I took this quick photo with my phone which didn’t come out very well, a little blurry.  I guess it will be a few days before they can get it ready.  Apparently they don’t arrive fully assembled.  A few items need to be put on like the windshield, back passenger pad, etc…  So I’ll be getting it sometime this week.  I can hardly wait.

Phoenix Bikefest 2014 – 1st Annual Event

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The Phoenix area Harley-Davidson dealers have put together the 1st Annual PhoenixBike Fest this year next to the Wildhorse Pass Hotel & Casino. Here’s a few photos I took today (April 5, 2014). SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Harley-Davidson’s trailer with the new 2014 motorcycles. This is main reason I went here today to take a Demo Ride on a new Tri-Glide. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the bike I was able to ride, a blue Tri-Glide.   After watching a short video, I got to ride it for about 10-15 minutes.  It definitely rides different than a 2 wheel motorcycle.  I like it. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAPhoenix BikeFest 2014.  A lot of riders arrived through this large tent for everyone to see. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAThere sure were a lot of people here today. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAAnd lots of motorcycles. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAAnd even more motorcycles! SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAA perfect day in Arizona for a motorcycle ride.

Last Photo of my 2010 H-D Ultra Classic

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2010 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic

My last photo of the 2010 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic.

I’ve traded it in on a new 2014 Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide.  I’ve told myself for quite sometime now that when the day comes I don’t feel comfortable on 2 wheels, I’ll get myself a 3 wheeler.  Well, I still feel comfortable on 2 wheels, I simply just wanted to get one!

I’ve been riding 2 wheelers for over 40 years, and I want to try this now.  I guess that’s the real reason.

The dealer (Superstition Harley-Davidson) gave me a fair price for my trade so we made a deal.  I’d like to think I got a fair price because I took such good care of it.  Plus the fact this will be the 3rd H-D I’ve purchased from this dealer in 11 years.  I bought the 2010 Ultra Classic new and put over 30,000 miles on it.  It had been serviced every 5,000 miles like the owners manual said.  New tires recently, new brakes on the last service that they performed for me, etc…  This has been a fantastic motorcycle.

When looking for a new Tri-Glide, it’s all but impossible to find one on a showroom floor out here.  They sell to fast.  I was told by one dealer they only produce 100 Tri-Glides a day at the factory.  I can’t confirm this, but if it’s true, maybe it’s by design to keep the demand and prices up!  Just my thought on the matter.

The dealer here didn’t have any Tri-Glides on the floor, but fortunate for me, they did have 2 on order that weren’t sold yet.  Since production hasn’t been started, they were able to change the color of one of them to Black like I wanted.   I hope to get in within a couple of months.

So, stay tuned for my new ride and more motorcycle rides soon!

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