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New Motorcycle Tires

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In preparation for my upcoming 4000+ mile trip, I decided to have a new set of tires installed.  My old tires probably would have lasted another 2,000 miles or so, but I don’t want to have to stop somewhere along the trip and have it done.  My father told me a long time ago, he always made sure he kept good tires on his car since they’re so important.  Motorcycles even more so with only 2 wheels!


For anyone in the Phoenix, AZ area, I recommend this place, “Mototire“.  This is the second time I’ve used them.  Fast and friendly service.


I had an appointment at 9:00 am, and the tires were installed in about 45 minutes.  I had the original tires put back on, Dunlap.  Same tires I would have got at the dealer, except about $50 cheaper.  Plus as a bonus, Dunlap has a $50 rebate going on right now on the purchase and install of a set.


A whole lot of tread going on here!


This was parked out front!


Here’s the business card for Mototire.  This is NOT a paid endorsement or anything like that, I’m just sharing the information for the business that in my opinion provides a good service at a fair price.

La Posta del Viajero en Moto – The Motorcycle Traveler’s Post

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Here’s a post from “Sturgis Chick“, a blog I’ve been following that I’d like share.  Take a look if you have a moment.  Maybe you’d like to follow her blog on WordPress.  It may be especially interesting for those of you who have “Adventure Bikes” and are “Adventure Riders”.  I’d like to be able to venture off of the paved roads, but my motorcycle just isn’t set up for that.  Sure looks fun though.

La Posta del Viajero en Moto – The Motorcycle Traveler’s Post.

Adjustable Rider Backrest Installed on the Tri-Glide

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I purchased this “FL Adjustable Rider Backrest Mounting Kit” with the full intention of installing it myself and saving some money!  After reading the instructions I decided to leave it to the experts!  My last motorcycle only required a couple screws under the seat to attach the bracket.  No so for this adjustable model.

This one required the removal of several bolts, screws, washers, clips, routing the backrest cable between the battery and fuse/electrical box, over the rear fender, Loctite the fasteners to keep secure!, something about an actuator assembly and deflector upper mounting hole!, brackets, a cross-member plate (whatever that is), more washers, screws and bolts, adhesive-backed clips (make sure to use the isopropyl alcohol), re-route the spark plug evaporator tube, secure the cable to the shaft spring (what?) , and the instructions went on-and-on.  You get the idea.  5 pages of instructions to be exact.

So instead of me spending an entire day trying to figure this out, I went to my local motorcycle dealer who installed in in 1 hour.  They charged me for 1 hour of labor and it was done.  That was so much easier.

Here’s a few before and after photos.







This should make the long rides a little more comfortable.  More support for my back.  It’s fully adjustable up/down and forward/backward to get just the right feel for your back, depending on the rider.  It will also be nice if I need to carry something on the rear seat.  I can use the backrest as another tie-down spot.


Accessories For The Tri-Glide

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I’ve added a few accessories to the new motorcycle.  Some I was able to use from the previous motorcycle, and some are new.

I’m waiting for a set of rear fender covers before riding it very much.  I’ve been told by another trike rider that before he put his fender protectors on, the front of the rear fenders looked like they had been shot with a shotgun from all the road debris, rocks etc… So I decided to put them on while it’s still new.







Drink holder.


Tour-Pac rack and flags.


Rear bumper.


Trunk lid organizer.



Lid organizer bag.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA12 volt power port.


Last Photo of my 2010 H-D Ultra Classic

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2010 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic

My last photo of the 2010 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic.

I’ve traded it in on a new 2014 Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide.  I’ve told myself for quite sometime now that when the day comes I don’t feel comfortable on 2 wheels, I’ll get myself a 3 wheeler.  Well, I still feel comfortable on 2 wheels, I simply just wanted to get one!

I’ve been riding 2 wheelers for over 40 years, and I want to try this now.  I guess that’s the real reason.

The dealer (Superstition Harley-Davidson) gave me a fair price for my trade so we made a deal.  I’d like to think I got a fair price because I took such good care of it.  Plus the fact this will be the 3rd H-D I’ve purchased from this dealer in 11 years.  I bought the 2010 Ultra Classic new and put over 30,000 miles on it.  It had been serviced every 5,000 miles like the owners manual said.  New tires recently, new brakes on the last service that they performed for me, etc…  This has been a fantastic motorcycle.

When looking for a new Tri-Glide, it’s all but impossible to find one on a showroom floor out here.  They sell to fast.  I was told by one dealer they only produce 100 Tri-Glides a day at the factory.  I can’t confirm this, but if it’s true, maybe it’s by design to keep the demand and prices up!  Just my thought on the matter.

The dealer here didn’t have any Tri-Glides on the floor, but fortunate for me, they did have 2 on order that weren’t sold yet.  Since production hasn’t been started, they were able to change the color of one of them to Black like I wanted.   I hope to get in within a couple of months.

So, stay tuned for my new ride and more motorcycle rides soon!

Another 5,000 Miles – Another Service Appointment

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IMG_3334Superstition Harley-Davidson

IMG_3325The service department was having a slow day.


The Ultra Classic is about to to go in…

– – – – – – – – – –

I’ve been fortunate enough to able to ride a lot of miles this summer.  The 100 degree plus temperatures this summer didn’t slow me down much. My last 5,000 mile service was less than 2 months ago.  Now it’s time for the 30,000 mile service.

The service will be performed by Superstition Harley Davidson.  I’ve purchased 2 Harley’s from this dealer over the years.  My first one was a 2003 Road King that I rode for 7 years, and my current  2010 Ultra Classic.

I’ve read several blogs lately stating the motorcycle riding days are just about over for the year due to the cold, rain, snow, ice, etc…  I’m happy to say here in Arizona, the perfect riding weather has just started.


my bikeBefore I could get this posted, my bike was ready for pickup.  While I was at the dealer I noticed a banner for military veterans.  I was given a nice sticker after signing the banner.

All Bikes Salvage Yard in Rye, Arizona

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Here’s a couple photos of a salvage yard I discovered just South of Payson along Highway 87 in Rye, AZ.  This place has so many different bikes, you’ll have a hard time just walking around.  Everything from motorcycles, bicycles, tricycles, wagons, snow mobiles, go carts, tires, etc.  I bet you could even find a unicycle in there somewhere! Simply amazing.  They were closed when I stopped by.  It would have been interesting to take a walk around in here. Who know what I would have find.

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