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Another 5,000 Miles – Another Service Appointment

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IMG_3334Superstition Harley-Davidson

IMG_3325The service department was having a slow day.


The Ultra Classic is about to to go in…

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I’ve been fortunate enough to able to ride a lot of miles this summer.  The 100 degree plus temperatures this summer didn’t slow me down much. My last 5,000 mile service was less than 2 months ago.  Now it’s time for the 30,000 mile service.

The service will be performed by Superstition Harley Davidson.  I’ve purchased 2 Harley’s from this dealer over the years.  My first one was a 2003 Road King that I rode for 7 years, and my current  2010 Ultra Classic.

I’ve read several blogs lately stating the motorcycle riding days are just about over for the year due to the cold, rain, snow, ice, etc…  I’m happy to say here in Arizona, the perfect riding weather has just started.


my bikeBefore I could get this posted, my bike was ready for pickup.  While I was at the dealer I noticed a banner for military veterans.  I was given a nice sticker after signing the banner.

Run Out Of Gas? Not Me!

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photo2Another addition for the motorcycle.  A REDA Gas Can (holds about 1 gallon).

On more than one occasion on my longer motorcycle rides, I’ve come close to running out of gas.  Due to trying to stretch it out to the next town, or by just not paying attention as much as I should have.  I’ve never ran out, but it was too close for comfort.  I discovered these REDA Gas Cans a while back and decided to purchase one.  It does take up valuable space in the saddle bag, but it may just be the best purchase I’ve ever made for the motorcycle if I ever do run out of gas.  For peace of mind if nothing else.

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

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share the road logo-pr


May is motorcycle safety month.

Just a couple logos here from  TrafficSafetyMarketing trying to spread the word about increasing motorcycle safety.

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