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New Motorcycle Tires

Posted in Arizona, Harley-Davidson, Motorcycle, Motorcycle Maintenance, Motorcycle Tires, Motorcycles, Phoenix, Phoenix AZ on July 18, 2017 by DRF

In preparation for my upcoming 4000+ mile trip, I decided to have a new set of tires installed.  My old tires probably would have lasted another 2,000 miles or so, but I don’t want to have to stop somewhere along the trip and have it done.  My father told me a long time ago, he always made sure he kept good tires on his car since they’re so important.  Motorcycles even more so with only 2 wheels!


For anyone in the Phoenix, AZ area, I recommend this place, “Mototire“.  This is the second time I’ve used them.  Fast and friendly service.


I had an appointment at 9:00 am, and the tires were installed in about 45 minutes.  I had the original tires put back on, Dunlap.  Same tires I would have got at the dealer, except about $50 cheaper.  Plus as a bonus, Dunlap has a $50 rebate going on right now on the purchase and install of a set.


A whole lot of tread going on here!


This was parked out front!


Here’s the business card for Mototire.  This is NOT a paid endorsement or anything like that, I’m just sharing the information for the business that in my opinion provides a good service at a fair price.

All Bikes Salvage Yard in Rye, Arizona

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Here’s a couple photos of a salvage yard I discovered just South of Payson along Highway 87 in Rye, AZ.  This place has so many different bikes, you’ll have a hard time just walking around.  Everything from motorcycles, bicycles, tricycles, wagons, snow mobiles, go carts, tires, etc.  I bet you could even find a unicycle in there somewhere! Simply amazing.  They were closed when I stopped by.  It would have been interesting to take a walk around in here. Who know what I would have find.

Finally Getting the new Tires Installed

Posted in Motorcycle, Motorcycle Maintenance, Motorcycle Tires, Motorcycles with tags on October 23, 2012 by DRF


Off with the old and on with the new.  I finally got my tires replaced today.  For anyone in the Phoenix area, this shop ( Mototire) was recommended to me by a co-worker and they did a fine job.  No appointment necessary, and it only took about an hour.  Time to start riding again!

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