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I’m Planning Another Ride – Over 4,000 Miles!

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I’ve decided a route for this years summer motorcycle trip.

Over 4,000 miles, 6 National Parks and 8 States. (I can hardly wait!)

I plan on taking my 1 man tent and sleeping bag this trip.  Lot’s of state parks, etc. along the way.  At the end of each day I’ll look for a campsite to stay at.  I’m sure I’ll also get a hotel room a few times along the way.  I just don’t want to make reservations all along the way this time, that just means I have to be at a specific place each night.  So if I want to stop several times along the way to relax, take photos, or whatever!  I won’t feel rushed.  I’ll just play it by ear.  Only 1 specific date to be somewhere this trip.  I’ll need to be back home to go back to work (that’s a 4 letter word!) when my vacation is over.

I plan to start in Arizona with a ride to California and ride up the Coast along Highway 1, the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).  A landslide along the highway has closed a portion of it, so I’ll probably start somewhere near Monterey.  I’ve ridden the highway south of this point before, so that won’t be too disappointing!  I’ll ride through the Redwood National Park in Northern California before heading into Oregon and Washington along the PCH traveling through Olympic National Park just NW of Seattle, WA.  Then I’ll ride East through Washington, Idaho and into Montana to visit Glacier National Park (GNP).  Then on the way back home I’ll ride to Wyoming through Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park.  Then on through Utah and Zion National Park.  After that I’ll enter Arizona and ride just North of the Grand Canyon North Rim (see my last post for this ride) before arriving back home.  I’ll travel through 9 states and over 4,000 miles.

In preparation for the trip, I’ve attached my microphone and speaker set to my new motorcycle helmet.  I’ve had the mic/speaker set for years and never used it.   I haven’t tried it before, but I’d like to try using the CB Radio to talk with a couple other guys while riding.  I’ll be meeting up with my best friend (over 40 years now! Wow!) from high school in CA who will ride with me for a while along the PCH.  Then when I get to WA I’ll meet up with my brother and we’ll ride to GNP together.

motorcycle helmet

Mens Aura Ultra-Light Half Helmet, Size XL.  Part #98210-16VM/002L.
This is NOT a paid endorsement, it’s just for your information.

I just got this new helmet a couple of weeks ago.  It’s Harley-Davidsons new light weight model.  Fancy huh?  I didn’t realize how loose my old one was until I put on this new one.  The padding inside the old one had deteriorated and compressed over the years.

I’ve ridden through Yellowstone a couple years ago, but I’ve never been to Glacier National Park.  If you’re interested in what it looks like, just Google “Glacier National Park” and look at some of the photos.  I can hardly wait to see it in person.

Of course I’l be posting photos of the trip here on the blog.  So stay tuned for more…

Sturgis 2014 – Planning for Another Ride

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I plan on going to Sturgis again this year.  This will be my 2nd time.  Tent camping along the way, I plan on staying at Fort Tuthill campground in Flagstaff, AZ,  Arches National Park in Utah, and Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.  If I have time I’d also like to ride through Aspen, CO to take in the scenic views.  Each time I take a trip I try to take routes I haven’t been on before (unless I feel it was so nice I’d like to see it again).  I plan on going through Arches National Park which I rode through last year, simply because I enjoyed it so much.  If you plan on camping in any of the national parks, be sure to make your reservations well in advance.  They fill up quickly especially in the summer months.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 9.06.27 AM

My trip back to AZ will probably have to be along the Interstate Highways since it will be the quickest.  I would prefer to take the back roads through the little towns, scenic views, more relaxing atmosphere, etc…  But I could only get so much time off from work!

Vermilion Cliffs – A View From AZ Hwy 89

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Vermilion Cliffs.

A view from Arizona Highway 89.

Southeast of Zion National Park and North of the Grand Canyon in AZ.

Yellowstone National Park – 28 Photos

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4Fotor0103105344Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

On my ride through Yellowstone I took a lot of photos.  Instead of posting 28 large photos here, I just created the 4 sets of photos shown above.   It gives you a small sample of what to expect if you go to the park.

Geologic Crossroads – Montana

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Geologic Crossroads.  Located South the Grand Tetons and North of the Absaroka Range in Montana.  On my way to Yellowstone National Park.

Grand Teton National Park – Wyoming

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iIMG_5109As I rode North into Grand Teton National Park, I couldn’t believe the views.  Absolutely beautiful.  I couldn’t decide which of these photos to post here, so I posted all of them.  I would have liked to hike up to the Teton Glacier, but I just didn’t have enough time.  I did see a few people headed on foot that way though.  There’s also a lot of people riding bicycles in the park taking in the views.

Arches National Park – Delicate Arch Trail to Delicate Arch

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IMG_5074My last stop in Arches National Park was “Delicate Arch”.  It was a 2 1/2 mile hike (5 miles round trip) and well worth it.  I arrived a little before sunset and stayed until sunset.  It was very cloudy to the west so I wasn’t able to get the sun setting on the arch.  I’ve heard you can get some amazing photos if the lighting is just right.  I’m still glad I was able to make the hike and take in the views.  It was nice and peaceful up on the mountain.

If you’ve been following my posts for the last couple of weeks, you know I’ve entered a lot from Arches National Park.  I don’t usually do this but I found it to be a very scenic place.  I hope I didn’t post to much.  Anyway, tomorrows post will some photos of my ride along the Colorado River along the Colorado River Recreation Area after I departed Moab, UT.

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