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A Ferry Boat Ride across Puget Sound, WA.

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Getting ready to board a ferry boat in Mukileto, WA.


All loaded up with a few other motorcycles.


The ride across Puget Sound didn’t take very long.


I’m enjoying the ride on a nice and cool sunny day.


Arriving in Clinton, WA.


Front row seat on the front of the ferry.  We’ll be heading East now through Washington.

Tonto National Forest Recreation Area and Salt River Recreation

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I haven’t been able to ride much this year because we’ve been on mandatory 6 day work weeks since January!  Other than riding to work, I haven’t been able to venture very far from home yet.  I did take a short ride this afternoon and here’s a few photos I came up with.


Headed North towards the Tonto National Forest Recreation Area along the Lower Salt River.  Just East of Phoenix, AZ.


This photo doesn’t reflect it, but this road was quite busy with weekend travelers.


At the intersection of the Bush Highway and North Ellsworth Rd, is the Salt River Recreation area.


Here you can rent a tube and get a bus pass to float down the Salt River.


All day rates for a tube rental and bus rides is $17 per person for the entire day.


I saw quite a few busses coming and going today.  The bus ride will take you up river and you’ll float back down to when the busses picked you up.


I stopped a one of the parking lots along the river for a few photos.


Several people enjoying the nice warm day.


Groups of people had set up sun shades and were enjoying the afternoon.


A nice sunny day here in Arizona.


Several people enjoying the nice cool river.

Red Mountain, The Salt River and a House with a Nice Thanksgiving Theme

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Todays motorcycle ride took me to a few different places.

My intent was to just go out and find some “colorful” locations for a few photos.

IMG_5717A small park with nice green grass.

IMG_5723A house I passed on my way out of town.  Very nice!

IMG_5734Red Mountain along the Salt River east of Phoenix, Arizona.

IMG_5736A view of The “Salt River” from the “Granite Reef Recreation Site”.

IMG_5761The “Salt River” in the “Tonto Recreation Area, Lower Salt River”.

I was experimenting with the custom color settings in my camera.  I set my camera to “Landscape” mode, and increased the “sharpness”, “saturation” and the “color tone” up by one notch.

The Historic Navajo Bridge – Across the Colorado River

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Another stop on my motorcycle trip, The historic Navajo Bridge.  It’s located on Highway 89A near Lee’s Ferry, between Bitter Springs and Jacob lake, AZ.  It was built in 1929 and was replaced by a new bridge in 1993 for safety reasons.  There’s a parking area next to the old bridge where Navajo people were selling jewelry and other items.  I walked out on the bridge and was able to see a few people on rafts drifting down the Colorado River.

Twin Falls – What a Nice View

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tf2Fotor01031101819A quick stop here in Twin Falls, ID where I crossed this bridge that spans the Snake River.  What a beautiful view.

Time to Relax in Eastern Washington

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c4Fotor0103110065I arrived in Eastern Washington at my brothers cabin.  I started in Phoenix, AZ and finally made it.  Now it’s time for a little fishing and relaxation.

We caught a few fish, kokanee (a landlocked version of the sockeye salmon),  trout and perch.  We let them all go since we brought plenty of food with us.

I helped my brother build a shed for his quad and enjoyed the fresh mountain air.  It sure isn’t like this in Phoenix.  This is my 2nd year making this trip, and I throughly enjoy it.

It’s hard to see, but in the last 2 photos there’s a couple dear crossing the river.  The photos were taken from inside the cabin through the window.

Jackson Lake Dam and Reservoir – NW Wyoming

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Another stop on my ride at the Jackson Lake Dam and Reservoir.  It’s located within Grand Teton National Park.  The Snake River flows through the dam in Northwestern Wyoming.

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