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2010 H-D Ultra Classic & 2014 Tri-Glide

Posted in FLHTC, FLHTCUTG, Harley-Davidson, Motorcycles, Tri-Glide, Ultra Classic on April 14, 2014 by DRF

old and new h-dHere’s a photo taken at the Harley Davidson dealer showing my 2010 Ultra Classic (left) that I traded in for a new 2014 Tri-Glide (right).  I’ll be putting on some accessories that I was able to remove from the Ultra (highway pegs, derby cover, gas cap cover etc…).  Also a few new items like a chrome bumper, windshield pouch, fender protectors, alarm, accessory outlet, body scuff protector and more.  My first ride out of town will be over to the San Diego area soon. When I get back I’ll be ready for the first required service at 1,000 miles.

my new 2014 tri-glide

Here I am ready to take my first ride on the new bike.

More to come as I start my new adventures on 3 wheels!


Bushtec Photo Contest – I Was So Close…

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I entered my motorcycle and trailer in a contest that was sponsored by Bushtec, the trailer manufacturer.  They gave out 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes.  I didn’t win a prize, but I did receive 1 “Honorable Mention” and 1 “Thanks for Playing” as one of the finalists. Click HERE if you want to see the winners and those who almost won!

My two photos were taken on a ride out to California earlier this year. They have palm trees in the background. The 1st photo was taken Fletcher Cove with Solana Beach in the background. The 2nd was taken in San Diego at Mission Bay.

California to Arizona w/My Bushtec Trailer

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I headed west from Escondido to to Pacific Ocean.
This stop was in Carlsbad, CA along Pacific Coast Hwy 101.

Still along the beach in Carlsbad, CA.
A beautiful day for a motorcycle ride.

Heading South this stop was in Encinitas, CA.
A Lot of bicycle riders out today.

Same location in Encinitas alone Pacific Coast Hwy 101.

Solana beach at Fletcher Cove.
This looked like a nice place for a photo shot.
After all, this is a Motorcycle Blog.

Del Mar beach.  Another nice photo opportunity.

This stop was along the beach in Torey Pines.

Mission Bay at Sunset Point looking East.

Mission Bay at Sunset Point looking Northwest.

Mission Bay  Marina Village Seaforth.

Heading back to Arizona.
It’s getting windy again climbing over the mountains.

Climbing over the mountains and windy.
Good place to put some wind turbines.

Riding East over the mountains towards Arizona.

Rest stop at the Imperial Sand Dunes in CA.

Entering Arizona in Yuma.  About 200 more miles to go.

Total miles ridden on this trip was 860.

Arizona to California w/My Bushtec Trailer

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Still in Arizona.  Time to stretch and drink some water.  Only about 200 miles to go!

I stopped in Yuma along I-8 at Bobby’s Territorial Harley-Davidson.  I’ve been here before but never got the t-shirt.  This time I had to get one.  My t-shirt collection needed just 1 more!  You can never have enough different H-D t-shirts.

Still at Bobby’s Territorial Harley-Davidson looking South.  I tried to get the train engine passing buy but wasn’t quick enough.

Imperial San Dunes between Yuma, AZ and El Centro, CA.

More sand dunes at the Imperial San Dunes Recreation Area.

Climbing over the mountains East of San Diego along I-8.  Elevation sign showed 4181 feet above sea level.  It started to get cold and as you can see by the flags on the motorcycle, very windy.


Ride to Tortilla Flat w/New Bushtec Trailer

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Superstition Mountains on the way to Tortilla Flat.

Gold Field Ghost town on the way to Tortilla Flat.

A view of Four Peaks on the way to Tortilla Flat.

Canyon Lake, only a few more miles to go.

One lane bridge #1.

One lane bridge #2.

Self photo by Canyon Lake.

Riding into Tortilla Flat from the West.

Tortilla Flat Superstition Saloon.


Motorcycle parking.

Tortilla Flat looking East.

Tortilla Flat looking West.




Chester’s Harley-Davidson

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Rode over to Chester’s Harley-Davidson in Mesa today to pick up a brochure for Arizona Bike Week.

International Sportsmen’s Expo & Phoenix International Raceway

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University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, AZ.
The International Sportsmen’s Expo is here this weekend.

International Sportsmen’s Exposition.

Geico’s Offshore Racing Boat.

This is one big boat.

Motorcycle parking at Phoenix International Raceway.
Not many bikes here for the Saturday race.

Phoenix International Raceway South Entrance.

Raceway merchandise on the way to the track.

Jimmie Johnson’s car #48.

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