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Time to Relax in Eastern Washington

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c4Fotor0103110065I arrived in Eastern Washington at my brothers cabin.  I started in Phoenix, AZ and finally made it.  Now it’s time for a little fishing and relaxation.

We caught a few fish, kokanee (a landlocked version of the sockeye salmon),  trout and perch.  We let them all go since we brought plenty of food with us.

I helped my brother build a shed for his quad and enjoyed the fresh mountain air.  It sure isn’t like this in Phoenix.  This is my 2nd year making this trip, and I throughly enjoy it.

It’s hard to see, but in the last 2 photos there’s a couple dear crossing the river.  The photos were taken from inside the cabin through the window.

Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix, Arizona

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I went over to the Desert Botanical Gardens today in Phoenix.  Here’s a few photos.  Not much is blooming this time of year, so I got some “wildlife” photos as well!

Hundreds of Northern Elephant Seals on the beach – The Californian Coastal Trail

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These photos were taken at the Hearst-San Simeon State Park and the elephant seal vista point located about 5 miles north of Hearst Castle along the coast of San Luis Obispo County.

Northern Elephant Seals on the beach on the Californian Coastal Trail.  The seals in the photos are the females.  I only saw 1 pup as it was being taken to sea by it’s mother.  The males, who are significantly larger, are out to sea this time of year.

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