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Welcome to Montana – Along the Beartooth Highway

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Here’s some more photos along the Beartooth Highway.

I exited Yellowstone National Park’s northeast exit and rode along the Beartooth Highway.  The ride took me to 10,947 feet before decending down the mountain into Montana.  A windy road with lots of zigzags and switchbacks.  As I crossed over the top it was quite windy as I rode through some snow flurries.

10,947 ft (3,337 m) high Beartooth Pass

Yellowstone National Park – 28 Photos

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4Fotor0103105344Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

On my ride through Yellowstone I took a lot of photos.  Instead of posting 28 large photos here, I just created the 4 sets of photos shown above.   It gives you a small sample of what to expect if you go to the park.

Planing Another Motorcycle Camping Trip – The Beartooth “All-American Road”

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Wayfinding-Map-JPEG-June-2-2010I’m starting to plan my next motorcycle camping trip.  This is a ride I’ve wanted to do for quite some time.

The Beartooth Highway is a 68 mile stretch of US Highway 212.  I plan on starting at the Northeast entrance to Yellowstone National Park and ride east to Red Lodge, Montana.

Quote from

“Heralded as one of the most scenic drives in the United States, the Beartooth Highway, a National Scenic Byways All-American Road, features breathtaking views of the Absaroka and Beartooth Mountains, and open high alpine plateaus dotted with countless glacial lakes, forested valleys, waterfalls and wildlife.

The Beartooth All-American Road passes through what is known today as the Beartooth Corridor. Surrounded by the Custer, Gallatin, and Shoshone National Forests, traveling parallel to the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, and abutting Yellowstone National Park, the Highway sits in a million-plus acre wilderness. Visitors have the rare opportunity to experience and explore pristine, untouched alpine and montane landscapes, lush forests, and alpine tundra in the space of a few miles. It is one of the highest and most rugged areas in the lower 48 states, with 20 peaks reaching over 12,000 feet in elevation. In the surrounding mountains, glaciers are found on the north flank of nearly every mountain peak over 11,500 feet high. The Road itself is the highest elevation highway in Wyoming (10,947 feet) and Montana (10,350 feet), and is the highest elevation highway in the Northern Rockies.”

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